The Walking Unvaxxed

They walk among us. Not shuffling or rotting or moaning in a woeful pitch but just walking among us, with bags and stuff. The usual shit we all carry. However, these walkers are the unvaxxed and one of them could be sitting next to you right now, on a bus.

When Rick Grimes woke up from a coma in episode one of The Walking Dead, the damage had already been done. The world had already descended into chaos. This kind of happened to me at the beginning of the pandemic but it was the result of a serious bender with Jason the Manc and Greek Steve. Anyway, unlike Grimes, we’ve been eased into this new world, like an unhealthy stool wavering above the meniscus of life before it lands with a plop and a whimper into the mouth of a sadomasochist.

We’ve been living in this new world for over 18 months now, and it’s revealed some shitty things about who we are. In particular, the division between the haves and the have nots, which were always there but are now abundantly clear, even in so-called wealthy nations with egalitarian beliefs built on glass foundations.

But now the dust is beginning to settle a wee bit, we’re faced with a new social group set to be segregated by vaccine passports. They are The Walking Unvaxxed, potentially infected, but definitely armed, and dangerous. A minority created by a virus and proudly sponsored by a far right group near you! Or so I’m told. The jury’s still out on that one.

By all accounts, The Walking Unvaxxed are a noisy bunch, moving in herds across the Covid wasteland, looking to feed on the disciples of Pfizer, as they ward off these flesh eating corpses with screenshots of the Guardian and common sense. But what will this vaxxed majority say when they’re out on the town and see the unvaxxed being denied entry to a venue based on a choice they made not to roll up their sleeve and take one for the team?

Will the unvaxxed counter this snub by opening up old school speak easy’s, with secret locations protected by an arcane code? Venues you can only frequent if you’re in the know? What you might call cool places that hipsters championed all those years ago; the same anti-establishment people who are now happy to tow the party line. Fuck, they even had these secret spaces in the bowels of the Titanic, and everyone was having a lot more fun than the posh people – the establishment.

Over the coming years, we’re in for a rough ride when it comes to The Walking Unvaxxed. What the fuck do you do with them? Nobody will want to employ them, their friends and family might abandon them, and they’ll be banned from the majority of public spaces. They might not be allowed to leave the country.

So, I’m really interested to see how the authorities will deal with the Unvaxxed, without using the ‘S’ word that has been used to oppress many minority groups in the past. And ask yourself this question: Will you let your kids play with the great unvaxxed or will you baton down the hatches and say: “We don’t want your kind round here”?

Fun times ahead …

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About callumrscott

I’m a Writer, Literary Agent, and Social Handyman, who oscillates between being elated and very angry and sometimes both at the same time. Through my research as a writer, I’ve studied many forms of masculinity, in particular, hyper and protest masculinity. My other main field of research is transgression or the rituals of transgression and the performative nature of this behaviour. Apart from researching, writing, directing and fixing, I enjoy a good pint of stout and I live in a flat, close to my favourite place, the mall from Dawn of the Dead (2004). My greatest disappointment in life is that my first memory turned out to be a lie. I didn’t lose a red wellie on a beach in Orkney and now I have no first memory, just a lot of stories about alcohol and bad decisions.

6 responses to “The Walking Unvaxxed”

  1. Spur says :

    “They are The Walking Unvaxxed, potentially infected, but definitely armed, and dangerous.”

    Except the Vaxxed can catch, carry, and transmit Covid. In fact, it makes them more dangerous given this conceit that if you’re vaxxed, you’re invulnerable.

    Medically, it’s proven the Vaxxed are less immune to variants than people who’ve had Covid and fought it off naturally.

    Project yourself to a world where there are vaccine passports, but infections remain rife — you know, as happened in Iceland. They were predominantly vaxxed, they opened up, and infections skyrocketed.

    They’ll blame the unvaxxed.

    But perhaps they should blame ignorance and fear-mongering instead.

    • callumrscott says :

      Hey Spur, thanks for reading my blog. I think we’re heading towards very troubling times because there’s so much ignorance and fear-mongering out there; more than there’s ever been. A lot of people who claim they’re egalitarian are about have that tested on a daily basis. Fuck knows where we’ll be in a year from now. I hope all is well with you.

    • callumrscott says :

      I think these secret locations will become very popular because of the risk factor involved and basic nostalgia for the pre-Covid days. Cheers – Callum

  2. KimbaRumba says :

    Yes – The vexed can have their verdant passé (get out of jail free card) – I can hear the emergent catacombs calling – I am already feeling ostracized for choosing to be un-vexed well technically vex hesitant… still pondering Novavax or no-virus-vax that is the question – will compromise with the pv13 for the time being…definitely going to erect a distillery outside a cave, grow my own fruit & vegetables and lobby to bring back the bartering system and remind people about basic human rights …. which seems to have been conveniently forgotten in this compliant dictatorship

    • callumrscott says :

      Hey Kim – Thanks for your erudite comments; big fan of anybody who uses the expression verdant passe! Please let me know when your distillery is open for business because I’ll definitely drop in for a bevvy. Cheers – Callum

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