Category: Dystopia

  • ‘If this is hell, it looks a lot like Margate’

    I wrote this before I gave up the booze but I still like it. Every hardened drinker has had that morning when they’re lying in bed waiting for the call. Deep down you know that you’ve fucked up, but the details elude you. There are fragments of regret that kind of make sense, but the […]

  • The Walking Unvaxxed

    They walk among us. Not shuffling or rotting or moaning in a woeful pitch but just walking among us, with bags and stuff. The usual shit we all carry. However, these walkers are the unvaxxed and one of them could be sitting next to you right now, on a bus. When Rick Grimes woke up […]

  • Job hunting in dystopia

    One afternoon you rock up to your hospitality job with a hangover, only to find that it’s closed its doors indefinitely and suddenly you’re unemployed again. With fuck all in your savings account, you decide to drown your sorrows in the pub across the road, but it’s closed its doors too. The next morning you jump […]