Professional Services

I’ve been in the business of getting authors published for 10 years now and my main strengths as a Literary Agent are to quickly build and develop relationships with clients, drive results, and most importantly, get your book published. I’m able to operate at all organisational levels, offering a broad range of innovative ideas, creative thinking, and attention to detail. Additionally, I’ve established some strong relationships with publishers, and I know how to match your book with the right publishing house.

I’ve been working as a Freelance Writer and Editor for 25 years. My experience in writing is broad and I’ve completed projects in the UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia. During that time my skills as a writer have developed to the point where I am adept at most styles of writing, be it professional or creative. Teaching at a tertiary level greatly increased my insights into how language functions within different contexts and the importance of ‘writing craft’ when approaching any project. I’ve never missed a deadline and I pride myself on this sound work ethic.

Freelance writing services provided:

  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Corporate writing projects
  • Scripting
  • Web copy
  • Conceptual development
  • Storyboarding (text), and
  • Creative consultation

I can be contacted via the ‘Contact’ page, or you can email me at:

Or, please visit my LinkedIn profile:

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